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Episode 4- Bob LeVitus - author of iPad for Dummies
August 17, 2010 05:59 AM PDT
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In this episode of the Austin iPad Novice Users for Entrepreneurs and Small Business, we deliver a repurposed podcast episode from


in which we had an interview with the author of the book, iPAD FOR DUMMIES from Wiley & Sons. In addition to this book, he has over 55 books to his credit, as well as being a columnist for the Houston Chronicle. Also, he has his own entreprenurial venture under his persona, which has him called DR. MAC. This features remote technical support for the Apple, Inc. line of products (like Macintosh computers).

It is also interesting to note that Bob LeVitus did appear in July at the iPad Austin Entrepreneur Users meetup and spoke with the attendees.

Thank you for your support, and please feel free to go to the meetup web page for comments at:

Copyright (c) 2010, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.

Episode 3- Perspectives of the iPad from New Media pundit Paul Colligan
June 07, 2010 06:15 AM PDT
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In the Meetup on 3 June 2010, we had a pundit from the New Media and Internet Marketing space--Paul Colligan--dial in remotely via a telephone conference call.
The group had just finished viewing some premium content from Paul called "iPad for Marketers." This was a 45-minute recorded webinar (from 10 May 2010) that gave his summary of his evaluation period for the month. This project was called OPERATION iPAD.
The audio episode of this podcast is that recording. Since we recorded Paul's audio via teleconference from the Cospace coworking environment in a presentation room, the audio was captured from the telephone speaker via a Zoom H4N portable recorder. Thus, we apologize for the audio quality from Paul Colligan's dialogue.
However, Paul gave us his perspectives as to updated features, accessories and the business use of the ipad--as well as his ideas of the future growth of the iPad for entrepreneurs.
The spokesman for the attendees was Lindsey Allen, who is the Meetup organizer for the Austin Podcasters meetup, and who is also the head of http://www.exploringnewmedia.com. He is the "chief-exploring-officer" (CEO) for Exploring New Media, his own LLC.

In the audio episode, Paul gives us his perspectives, then takes questions from the attendees per spokesman Lindsey Allen.

Our next meetup will be on Thursday, 8 July 2010, at the Cospace coworking location (at Hwy 183 and Lamar) located at 911 West Anderson Lane #203.
Our guest speaker will feature Bob LeVitus, a co-author of the book from Wiley & Sons called
Please mark your calendars to attend and hear his presentation on the value of iPad features for entrepreneurs, as well as a book-signing activity following the meeting. Bring your questions about the iPad from "the man who wrote the book about the iPad."

If you wish to send an email to our group, send it to:

entrepreneuripadusers @ gmail.com (to prevent spam)

or go to the web site of:

We hope to see you for our next meetup on 8 July 2010 when we join Bob LeVitus in learning more about the iPad.

Episode 2- Thomas Umstattd evaluates the iPad for writers and authors of the Publishing Industry
May 08, 2010 07:13 AM PDT
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In this episode of the Austin ipad Novice Users for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, we review in summary the presentation by Thomas Umstattd (http://www.thomasumstattd.com and http://www.umstattdmedia.com) that reveals the results of the study and review of the iPad from day one (3 April 2010) and how it fares as a business tool for writers and authors in the Publishing Community.

The Meetup session was held in the COMMUNITY ROOM of Central Market - North at 40th Street and North Lamar in Austin, Texas on 6 May 2010.

The presentation is one hour long, and here are the links to the audio and slides:

- For the audio at
http://www.strugglingentrepreneur.com (it is episode 119J);

- For the slides at:

Here are some of the apps that were discussed and shared during the meeting:

- Paperdesk
- Net Newswire
- Keynote Remote
- Atomic Browser
- Skype for the iPad
- Dropbox
- Goodreader

as well as http://www.appshopper.com and http://www.iusethis.com and http://www.appfresh.com.

The cases that were described are at:

The next meetup session will be on Thursday, 3 June 2010. The location is tentatively the Central Market- North location again, unless we confirm another location with wi-fi capability. In that case, we will put out an email from the facility at meetup.com at:
http://www.meetup.com (you can do a SEARCH for Austin iPad Novice Users). Please come to join our meetup.

We will plan on:
- Paul Colligan (New Media and Podcaster pundit) to deliver his results of his 30-day study called OPERATION iPAD, where he tried to use ONLY the iPad to run his business for 30 days;

- Rich Erlich, software developer for mobile apps, so that he can share with us his vertical app for the Health Industry for mobile environments with medical professionals and for use by disadvantaged veterans;

- PROJECT iPAD-DAY ONE program reveals its final summary and review for evaluating the iPad for entrepreneurs and Small Businesses as published at http://www.strugglingentrepreneur.com.

You can send an email to: entrepreneuripadusers @ gmail.com [to prevent spam] with any questions you may have.
Fred Castaneda, organizer for 2010

The cases that were compared and discussed were:

Episode 1- New Meetup and iPad discussions at Social Media Breakfast session
April 26, 2010 03:29 PM PDT
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Welcome to this new podcast series dedicated to supporting the community based on the Meetup Group (at www.meetup.com) called the AUSTIN iPAD NOVICE USERS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES AND ENTREPRENEURS.

This meetup group is focused on sharing information and resources to help an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner determine if the iPad(R) from Apple(R) can be a significant business tool for their Entrepreneurial venture or not--in areas of accessories, apps, support, connectivity, lifestyle and business applications and justification.

You can see an overview of a Program called PROJECT iPAD-DAY ONE with the YouTube video located at:

and you can listen to the audio podcast episodes of the entire project at the blog of THE STRUGGLING ENTREPRENEUR located at
and going through the archives starting in April, 2010.
(note: this is a free podcast series and you can select the "1-click iTunes(R)" button to get a subscription to the podcast and have every future episode delivered automatically to your iTunes application the moment that it is released.

The first meetup that is scheduled for this meetup group is:

Date: Thursday, 6 May 2010
time: 7:00 p.m. Central time (aka 1900 hrs.)

Location: The COMMUNITY ROOM at Central Market-North in Austin
(located at 40th Street and North Lamar). There is ample free parking, and the COMMUNITY ROOM is located next to the entrance where the shopping carts are located.

The meetup has a $2.00 USD charge (to help offset the cost of the Meetup facility).

Also, the guest speaker for the May 6th meetup is: THOMAS UMSTATTD, who is an author, writer, Social Media Specialist, Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker and Web Strategist. He will be presenting his evaluation of the iPad as a business tool for writers and authors in the Publishing Industry. He has done a primary evaluation, and you can see the summary results at his web site of:

Also, as you will hear in this audio episode, the Social Media Breakfast session on 26 April 2010 had a theme of the iPad in its discussions concerning marketing, business, connectivity, lifestyle and other elements. The results from these will be posted as episodes in the STRUGGLING ENTREPRENEUR podcast series (see above for link).

The tentative agenda for the meetup on 6 May 2010 is the following:

7:00 p.m. - Networking and informal demos of various iPad apps

7:30 p.m. - welcome and introduction;
- iPad resources and info available for perspective and actual iPad owners;
- THOMAS UMSTATTD - How the iPad fares for writers and authors;

- iPad Roundtable and hot topics
- Hint at the upcoming iPad network version

9:00 p.m. - Themes and speakers/demonstrators for next meetup on 3 June 2010
- Adjourn

Welcome to this new meetup, and if you would like to contact us, you can send an email to:


you can join the Meetup group and use the message boards or contact features in Meetup.com.
Thank you sincerely,
Fred Castaneda
Organizer for 2010
- Questions, answers and sharing among members: iPad apps and topics